Simple and fast online snippet manager.

You can save any kind of code snippets like html snippets, javascript snippets or php snippets and later easily manage them.

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It's free for user who have maximum 40 snippets to save.
If you want more space use "Pay What You Want" option.

Also I'd appreciate some help with your feedbacks.


SnippLeaf is fast online snippet manager with intuitive keyboard controls for managing snippets.

Avoiding social bloat

Mainly this is private snippet book and aiming for private usage. Yes, there is sharing option but very simple one (no direct sharing to social networks).

Easy accessible

Login form is only thing separating you from your snippets. After login first thing you see is your snippets.
Use bookmark button to access SnippLeaf in separated window with no typing url.

If something not working for with SnippLeaf OR takes too much energy send me message about it.
Use Feedback page or


  • Secure HTTP traffic (SSL)
  • Code highlighter
  • Auto-save on editing
  • Snippet groups
  • Crossplatform. It's web-based so any device with browser
  • Snippet sharing by unique/secret URL
  • Social authentication with
    Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github ( Gists supported )
  • Search/Filter
  • Auto sorting snippets by last modified
  • Different sorting options

You know.. I'm the only one developing SnippLeaf..